Stop stopping
on trails.

Share your Strava activity data, and support the maintenance crews who keep your favorite trails awesome by learning where you stop unexpectantly due to trail issues. There's no extra work on your part — just have fun, go fast, and we will safely store your ride data for analysis by trail agencies.

Connect your Strava account

Stopping on the trail is a drag.

Notifying trail crews is easy. Here's how:

Get a Strava account

They're free and amazing. You can even sync up your Garmin, Fitbit, or other fitness system up without much work.

Connect your account

Authorizing (and de-authorizing) your account to send your activity data is simple and uncreepy — you're in control.

Go ride!

You can run too, but rides (off-road) give us the best data to find out where the trouble spots are.

Watch the magic happen.

Your data will be sent annonymously to be analyzed for spots where you had to stop and shoulder or escort your bike.